Mozilla has unveiled a dramatically new concept browser, called Aurora.

The Bleeding-edge browser is part of a new Mozilla Labs-initiative in which open-source foundation is contributing stimulating people's ideas and designs for the browser of the future.

The demonstration video of the Aurora browser, the project office is Adaptive Path, is working a very sophisticated data collected on the web.

The data collected on the web - such as messages - were classified as "objects" they can be dragged and dropped onto the desk and dynamically be manipulated. The video shows two people who compare active in various offices rain have been covered. In the event Alan Jill ask where to join him on a message page, they each peak important strands of the page to him.

The video shows the introduction 3D-visual a bookmarking system in which Jill corresponding pages grouped shaped by receipts, to receipts in the human body. Recently opened pages poet appear at the screen, and gradually fall over long ignored them.

The author research as well as through sports, entertainment-on weather receipts, that one of his contacts to pull the page and drag it wants them on the current page, where it automatically overlaps comparison of the two files . Thing about the video is integrated how everything is reflected, with desktop-taken and an instant messaging utility any related directly into the browser interface.

Mozilla Labs

Aurora is a spectacular introduction of the new Mozilla Labs, which is very similar to Google Labs watching a house for offbeat projects that would otherwise probably never see him slightly.

In contrast to Google Labs, but Mozilla plans for the lab 's encourage ideas outside open-source-community typical.

"We are particularly interested in confrontation with the designers who are not involved mostly open source-projects, and the site. "And we are non-distorting the direction of the broad participation, implementations."

"Our goal is for more people to the table and causes as a whole thought, facilitating discussion, and the source of inspiration for future directions project for Firefox, Mozilla project, and the web."